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Sarah O’Donnell

Sarah is founder of both Footmatters and Stepwise – Qualified at University Southampton in1999 with a BSC (Hons) degree in Podiatric Medicine. She now manages the practice but having an interest in biomechanics and foot dysfunction offers specialist clinics, covering sports injury/ foot pain/dysfunction; Shockwave therapy; insoles, orthoses; cosmetic nail surgery using silicone to replace damaged/ broken or fungal nails. She also offers video conference calls as an option to patients if they are unable to attend the practice or if this fits in better with their schedules.


Lucy Canning

Lucy qualified at University Southampton in 2009 with a BSc (Hons) degree in Podiatric Medicine and has been with Stepwise ever since. Lucy offers a wealth of knowledge for routine chiropody care and works with patients of all ages managing a wide variety of foot care requirements, including in-grown and painful toenails. When not working with Stepwise, she has her own busy domiciliary home visiting service and is Secretary to our local Branch of SOCAP (Society of Chiropodists & Podiatrists).



Gemma Tupper

Gemma qualified as a Podiatry Assistant in 2015 and has a Diploma in Foot Health Care with SMAE. She works alongside our Podiatrists and provides routine footcare of nails, callus and corn removal and gives advice and treatment for Verruca therapy.  Gemma has her own domiciliary home visiting service for those in residential and assisted living.


Karen Robinson

Karen qualified at University Southampton in 1998 with a BSc (Hons) degree in Podiatric Medicine and has 18 years extensive experience working within the field of acute Diabetic care and management. She brings a host of skill sets, including knowledge and training with regards to Health and Safety/ COSH. She also provides routine care for all patients with problematic feet and is qualified in Shockwave therapy, Lacuna nail treatment and Verruca needling, using ankle block therapy technique, with local anaesthetic. When not working with Stepwise Karen works for other clinics in the area and also has Nursing home contracts where she provides Podiatry care for the residents.


Debby Whitlock

Debby qualified as a Podiatry Assistant 2016 and is registered with the…… Debby works closely alongside the Podiatrists when in clinic providing Nail care services to many patients. She also has her own private practice and is a qualified Reflexologist currently studying Ayurvedic Medicine and will qualify as a practitioner in October 2020. She also has an extensive knowledge of Herbal medicine.


Darren Roy

Darren qualified at University of Southampton in 2019 with a degree in Podiatric Medicine but 3 years prior to this was a Foot Health Practitioner with SMAE. Having built up his skills within the field of health care, he has worked for several years within the field of support worker to young adults with learning difficulties. He has a keen interest and desire to further develop his skills with MSK and Biomechanics and also provides routine chiropody care and Nail surgery using local anaesthetic, for the relief of painful in-grown toenails. He is also qualified to treat and use Shockwave therapy for problems of the lower limb(s).


Carol Buchanan

Carol is our group Personal Assistant - She has been with Stepwise for the past 6 years. During this time, the practice has grown, and she now manages all our diaries and schedules, so that we know who we are seeing when and where! Her background working within a health profession and clinical setting came from being a PA/Secretary within the Neuro surgical division the NHS Southampton. So, a wealth of knowledge and organisational skill set along with communication skills further support smooth running of our practice.

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