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The moveable, immobile joints - Do you want to get moving again?

Are you stuck and physically stopped from carrying out every day activities, like walking without big toe discomfort? Or perhaps you can't wear a slightly heeled shoe anymore because your big toe jams and gives you pain?

Are you frustrated because going for a hike or merely enjoying family time with loved ones or the grand-children who might want to play football for example with you and you can't, because your ankles or knees are painful and restrict you?

Well at Stepwise, we may well have an answer for you and it won't cost you an arm and a leg either! Chairside mobilisation's and manipulation of the foot and ankle could well be the answer to your problems.

Want to book to learn more about it? Then phone our clinic on 02380 476191 and ask to see Sarah, our biomech specialist, who will assess your problem and give you some advice on how your presenting problem can be helped. She will devise a care plan unique to your needs and in no time you will have a bounce in your step again.

Why delay? call us or email direct to and quote FMT when speaking with our reception team or subject title of the email. An initial consultation to help diagnose your problem is £60 and mobilisation therapy if added on the first appointment is an additional £15. Review appointments thereafter are £50 for a 30 minute session.

Go on, take your first steps along the road to your recovery....

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