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Sarah O’Donnell set-up Stepwise Chiropody Clinic in 2005, alongside its sister clinic Footmatters Podiatry Clinic that was opened in 1999. So 21 years later we are a busy practice helping over 6,000 patients a year keep their feet and lower legs in good shape and pain free.

We have a wonderful team of highly qualified practitioners who offer care, advice and routine chiropody and foot care, and because they have their own specific skill sets, we can offer a wide scope of practice for all sorts of foot and lower leg problems.

As well as routine Chiropody which includes nail cutting, ​corns therapy, hard skin removal (callus), In-growing toenails and Verruca therapy, we offer specialist care for people with foot problems due to diabetes, arthritis and sports injuries (although you don't need to be a sports person to suffer from a sports injury!)

Whatever your problem is, we can help you understand why you may be sufffering and find a solution that will provide a long-term fix.

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Routine Chiropody


Nail cutting and general foot care including corns therapy and hard skin (callus) removal

Ingrowing Toenails and Verrucas


In-growing toenails and Verruca therapy treated with various options helping both children and adults to walk pain free



Relief from painful joints, using shockwave or warm wax therapy

Sports Injury Clinic


Painful heels, pain on top of the foot or in the ball of the foot etc due to biomechanical or soft tissue problems



Neuropathy and sensory assessments for Diabetic patients that can be used by your GP or Nurse practitioner

Specialist Footwear


Specialist footwear and insoles/orthotics to cushion and help control painful/ problematic feet

Advanced Cosmetic Procedures (ACP) and Mesotherapy


Using diathermy cautery, we are able to offer help to resolve problems with warts on feet/hands or body, skin tags, moles,  age spots, campbell de morgan spots (blood spots) spider naevi and milia, and non surgical cosmetic solutions aimed at diminishing problem areas in your body such as cellulite, excess weight, body contouring, and face/neck rejuvenation etc.






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Sarah O’Donnell

Founder and Podiatrist

Lucy Canning


Gemma Tupper

Podiatry Assistant

Karen Robinson


Debby Whitlock

Podiatry Assistant

Carol Buchanan

Practice Assistant

Darren Roy


James Abernethy

Practice Administrator

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“Everyone was so welcoming from start to finish. Darren took the time to listen and then help with expert advice. I would certainly recommend Stepwise to anyone”

Andrew P

“What can I say, this is an amazing place. From the minute I called, asking to be seen as I was in pain the lovely receptionist couldn’t have been more helpful!! From when I arrived I was made to feel very welcome and put totally at ease. I couldn’t recommend Stepwise enough”

Nicola L

“I have been looked after for years by Stepwise and would highly recommend them. Lovely clinic, friendly staff and excellent treatment. Thank you Stepwise!”

Sylvia K



Our Address

10 Portsmouth Road


SO19 9AA

United Kingdom

Tel 023 8044 8134

Mobile 07503 739691


263 West End Road


SO18 6PP

United Kingdom

Tel 023 8047 6191

Mobile 07503 739691


Opening Hours

Monday  10AM – 5PM

Tuesday - Friday    9AM – 5PM

Alternate Saturday Appointments - 10AM - 4PM 

Sunday - Closed